In 2019, Liechtenstein, the sixth smallest country in the world, will be celebrating its 300th anniversary. On January 23, 1719, almost 300 years ago, Holy Roman Emperor Karl VI issued a decree saying that the county of Vaduz and the lordship of Schellenberg were to be united and elevated to the dignity of a principality with the name of "Liechtenstein". Prince Anton Florian I von Liechtenstein was its first lord. While it was still part of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation at the time of its foundation, in 1806 it achieved sovereignty when the Confederation of the Rhine was founded.

     The jubilee is not just an occasion for the inhabitants of Liechtenstein to reflect upon their own history, but is also attracting the attention of many tourists and visitors. Liechtenstein acquires its name from the reigning Princely Family, and is closely linked to Austria and European history through the Princely House with its over 7 centuries of history.

      Happy Birthday, Liechtenstein!