About Us

A Mitteleuropäische Adels- und Rittergeschlechtsmatrikel (MeAM) Stiftung is a foundation, a corporate entity registered in the Commercial register of the Department of Justice in the Principality of Lichtenstein. The foundation operates in the country of residence and by means of organizational branches and representations even in countries of Europe.

In addition to management of the registry of aristocratic and chivalric families, the foundation is instrumental to perform welfare service for general public and charity activities, assigned to aid the community.  

The goals of the foundation:

  • provision of genealogy research and appraisal of their results
  • management of the Central European registry of aristocratic and chivalric families
  • cooperation with European aristocratic organizations
  • support of princely charity projects
  • arrangement of own charity projects and participation on charity projects organized by various companies within Europe, which are aimed at:
    • improvement of life of indigent, lonely, ill, old, disabled, and abused people
    • trouble-free integration of young people to everyday life and labour market after leaving a foster home
    • provision of more approachable education
    • provision of support to publishing books for blind and purblind people
  • arrangement and provision of academic conferences
  • arrangement of social and charity events
  • support to publishing popular science magazines
  • publication and educational activities
  • support to restoration of cultural historical monuments

We are here for you

Following the decision of the Board of the Foundation our entity was found in accordance with applicable regulations of the Slovak Republic. After having been incorporated in the respective registry on 1 August 2013, the entity started its activities. We ask all persons interested in mediation of registration in the Registry of Families as well as applicants asking to support their projects and our prospective partners from Slovakia and Czech Republic, to communicate these matters explicitly with the Mitteleuropäische Adels- und Rittergeschlechtsmatrikel (MeAM) Stiftung Foundation – the entity of the foreign foundation in Slovakia.

For the primary goal of our activities we consider humanity, understanding and provision of material aid to indigent people. 



     In 2019, Liechtenstein, the sixth smallest country in the world, will be celebrating its 300th anniversary. On January 23, 1719, almost 300 years ago, Holy Roman Emperor

A visit to an exhibition                                               "Prince Johann II von Liechtenstein - a patron of the Silesian Museum"


   A visit to an exhibition "Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein - a patron of the Silesian Museum" in the  Historical Exhibition Building of Silesian Museum. The MeAM Stiftung a

Meeting In beladice


On 24-26 May 2017, a meeting of nobility was held in Beladice. The programme of our meeting was very attractive. In addition to visiting the Slovak National Stud Farm in Topolcianky, the participating